Cash Management Services

Managing your bill and invoicing process is both time consuming and one of the most important parts of a business to manage its cash flow.  Depending on your business this also can require many employees touching, approving and entering this information into the various different systems requiring the data. BookKeeping Express is focused on automating the cash management process so the data is entered once, approvals are completed with notifications and the whole process is done quickly and at a very low cost.  We take the number of moving parts and people that can cause problems and automate it so the cash management process is simplified for you.

The BKE cash management service is designed to take the burden away as much as possible by putting the original invoices and bills into one place , allowing everyone required to review, approve and manage the cash flow process the ability to work together in a timely fashion. We believe BKE can speed up your cash flow while also significantly decreasing the cost of managing this processes.

BookKeeping Express will process both your bill pay and invoices depending on your needs.   We use general ledger and bill payment software and applications including, Xero, and QuickBooks depending on your requirements.